Sunday, April 18

The Farewell

" -- So may you come now, my Dead Romantic Angel,
serenade Kyrahnean Hymns to me!
Hold me in your arms,
cover me with elder flowers
and take me down to my beloved sea..."

" -- I‘m so tired, so tremendously tired!
Please, wait for me under the midnight sun,
where I will sing and dance again
and my laughter will be heard echoing down the hillside again...
Oh, how I tried to believe, how I loved,
How I tried to hold on to my dream;
How I wanted to live - but now I‘m going home
to a place where "love" is more than just a four-letter word.
And as I kiss the memory of yours goodnight,
I‘m beginning to see the light..."

" -- Ich liebe Dich für immer!"